Chris Brogan is coming to town! Woo hoo!

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Matt Fagioli is putting together a killer event (September 25, 2009) and he kindly gave me a 10% discount to share with friends.

According to the New Media Atlanta website, It’s time to take a hard look at the business case for Social Media. New Media Atlanta is for the business professional who is tired of the hype and wants to see where the rubber really meets the road.

Early bird discount passes (only ’til 8/31) $89.10  (Discounted 10%)

Read all the details: and you can register here – use the discount code NAGEL for 10% off

Have you been curious about what social media can mean for your own business?

Are you interested in learning from a group of experts who have the experience to guide you along the way long-term?

This conference is meant for you and other business owners who are curious about social media but haven’t quite made the leap, or maybe you have and want to get better at using social media to improve your business.

Consider this:

  • The Association of National Advertisers completed a recent study – 2/3 of marketers now use social media: Facebook (74%), Youtube (65%), Twitter (63%), and LinkedIn (60%)
  • Google and YouTube are the number one and number two search engines respectively.
  • Almost 60% of Americans interact with companies on a social media Web site, and 25% interact more than once per week, 2008 Cone Business in Social Media Study says

Chris Brogan will be a key presenter talking about his new book ‘Trust Agents‘ he co-wrote with Julien Smith. Chris Brogan is President of New Marketing Labs, a new media marketing agency, and home of the Inbound Marketing Summit conferences and Inbound Marketing Bootcamp educational events. He works with large and mid-sized companies to improve online business communications like marketing and PR through the use of social software, community platforms, and other emerging web and mobile technologies.

This conference aims to teach attendees more about social media and how to leverage its power to build your company, product, brand, service, etc. You’ll have an opportunity to ask your burning questions of the speaker panel and get real answers.


Introduction: Social Media Is Here To Stay

Organic reasons why Social Media is not a fad, but the logical result of how complex adaptive systems work. Social Media is not going to go away. It will continue to grow and change and move more deeply into areas like sales, marketing, customer service, product development and human resources (recruiting).

Engagement Is The New Marketing Metric

Engaging others translates to creating opportunities. Push programs are out. SM is not driven by just user-generated content. It begins with user-generated agendas. What is engagement? Examples.

Social Media From The Audience’s Perspective

What is the audience looking for and how do they respond when they get it. Case studies and example of messages that have achieved measurable results.

Social Media As A Cornerstone Of Brand Building

Creating contexts for user generated content; building brand awareness and endorsement through customers experiential “stories”; creating and using customer polls; and much more

The Power Of Real Time Search: Customer Service & Social Media

The ability to listen in on customer conversations in real time is changing the way customer service can be handled. Case Studies showing the upside and downside of listening and not listening.

Cultural Changes Required To Embrace Social Media

The death of “push” messages and the birth of consumer participation requires a new set of behaviors around the creation and spread of content. Getting comfortable with the loss of control; how to guide the uncontrollable. The need for the breakdown of traditional silos within the organization. Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Product Development must become a unified whole.

Social Media Case Studies

A peak at how different industries are using social media?  Will it work for all industries?  Specific businesses profiled and analyzed.


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